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Airflo Super-Dri Tropical Ridge Bonefish/Redfish Fly Line

Airflo Fly Lines

Airflo's unique blend of materials and taper designs offer tropical anglers a go to line for laser accurate casts and solid hook setting properties. Our proprietary coatings are the perfect balance between hardness to combat heat and friction, and suppleness to fight memory and tangles. The low stretch core adds stability to every cast and sets hook with clinical precision even at maximum range. Combined with the perfect front taper and tip diameter the Ridge Bonefish and Ridge Tarpon lines give the average caster optimal distance and accuracy.

    • Ridged construction for reduced friction in the guides and easily cleaned as the ridges run the length of the line. Ridged lines are easier to grip when casting and setting the hook and also resist tangling on the deck of a boat.
    • Patented dual layer polyurethane construction improves line performance while offering longer line life, UV resistance, and chemical resistance (DEET proof)
    • Low stretch power core for improved line stability during the cast, less line memory, and positive hook set.
    • Seamless welded loops at each end makes using polyleaders or standard leaders quick and easy.
    • Available in floating and intermediate models.

Comes in Gull Grey/Sandy Tan