Florida Fishing Products Osprey 1000 Spinning Reel

Florida Fishing Products

Known for their ability to catch fish day in and day out in any environment, the Osprey was a perfect representation of the reel we intended to design. Light-Weight, Durable, and Sleek. Those were the three characteristics in mind when the founders of FFP began developing this reel. Much like its bird counterpart, the Osprey Spinning Reel can be found up and down the United States’ coastlines catching every fish in its path. If you’re looking for a reel that is greased-lightning smooth, designed to fish in the harshest of elements, and known for its powerful drag system, then you’ve found your next reel. Fish Better. Fish Florida.

The Osprey Spinning Reel was designed by fisherman.  It was carefully engineered to withstand both the elements as well as the fish of a lifetime.  It boasts 22 lbs of drag, a Carbon Fiber disc drag system, 10+1 ball bearings, a full aluminum body, and a light-weight carbon rotor.


  • Bearing System: 10+1 Shielded
  • Drag Power: 22lbs
  • Drag System: Carbon Fiber Disks
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
  • Weight: 7.4 oz