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It’s easy. The PEAK Rod Transport System gets your gear to your fishing spot. Fabricated, assembled, and distributed in Loveland, Colorado, the PRTS is unlike any other rod carrier. Welded steel and a durable powder coat finish with a padded interior, the PEAK Rod Transport System will keep your gear completely protected. Plastic compartments ensure that your rod tips, guides, lines and leaders are all safe from damage, and our reel support system secures your outfits while traveling, regardless of rough roads on the way to your fishing spot. Our highly customizable systems can be what you need them to be, and our versatile design can handle any type of gear: fly, spinning, baitcasting, switch and spey.

Buy yours today and worry less about rigging up, and more about hooking up.

  • Unlike other rod carriers, PEAK Outdoors Rod Transport System products are fabricated, assembled and distributed in the USA (Loveland, CO).
  • Competitively priced with retail price at or below other products.
  • Welded and bent steel structural components, durable powder coat finish.
  • Rods are protected in plastic individual rod compartments. Compartments have a plastic lead-in bushing to protect rod tips, guides, lines and leaders while rods are being stowed.
  • Padded interior reel housing.
  • Shock absorbing system for securing rods/reels inside the housing.
  • Unlike other rod carriers, PEAK Outdoors has developed a complete system that is versatile and flexible.
  • The system will handle fly rods (including large reels & stripping guides, switch rods, spey rods & competition rods), spinning rods, surf rods and baitcasting rods.
  • A variety of mounting feet and riser systems are sold separately to allow you to configure the mounting components that best fit your car rack.
  • Quick disconnect (padlock included) accessory kit available for easy removal of the unit to fit through garage doors or switch units to another vehicle.
  • Length extension kits available for longer rod applications such as spey and surf casting.

What Risers Do I Need?

To ensure your new PRTS will work best for you, we recommend first taking some measurements of your vehicle. You can follow
along below to create a cardboard template of your rod transport system and see exactly how your system will fit on your vehicle.
This cardboard template will be a representation of the profile view of the reel housing box and will help determine the proper
mounting position and if any risers may be needed for your setup. Risers allow for a larger gap between the roof of your vehicle
and your Rod Transport System. This helps create additional space for your vehicle hatch to open. To determine what riser may be
needed, you can follow along below to create a cardboard template of the PEAK Rod Transport System and see exactly how your
system will fit on your vehicle.

To create a mock-up template, you will need two materials. First, a cardboard rectangle at least 13 9/16 ” wide by 7 9/16” tall.
Next, a 2×4 or other similar piece of material; this will lay across your vehicle rail to determine height and does not need to be the
actual length of the PRTS.

Start by cutting the cardboard out per the diagram below. Measure then place marks at each of the six corners indicated by the
black dots. Connect the dots to make a template of the Reel Housing Box. The 2×4 or other material can be attached with staples,
nails, tape or anything else. Simply make sure the bottom edge lines up with the corner of the Reel Housing Box template, as
indicated in blue below.

peak rod rack mounting template

Your PRTS 2F or 4F Template is complete. To test the fit on your vehicle, place the 2×4 or other material to the top of your vehicles
mounting system. If installing on a vehicle with a back hatch, ensure that your Rod Transport unit will not interfere with the rear
door. Open your vehicle hatch and place your cardboard template in desired location. Consider the height of your vehicle and how
far you will have to reach to access your rods. If you find that you have to mount the housing box too far forward for your taste,
PEAK offers a variety of risers. Risers are available in half inch increment sizes from 0.5” up to 4”. Add this height in between the
2×4 or other material on your template to gauge what riser you may need. In addition, the PRTS Quick Disconnect system adds an
additional 1” to your overall height.

Creating this template will also give you an opportunity to measure the height of your vehicle with the unit attached, which should
be considered when parking in home or public garages, or other areas with low clearances.

peak rod transport mounting template