Tying the Snowy Minnow Fly

Tying the Snowy Minnow Fly

One of my favorite fly patterns to fish and to tie is a good 'ole trusty baitfish pattern.  It's hard to beat for both salt and fresh water environments. 

This pattern in particular, that I like to call the Snowy Minnow, would be great for a whole variety of species, in both salt and fresh water.  Such as, spotted seatrout, snook, redfish, bass... and the list could go on, especially if you change up the variations in the color patterns when tying the Snowy Minnow fly.

Keep in mind, this pattern does not only have to be tied in all white, I have tied it in all kinds of color patterns, and it looks fantastic.  I recently tied another variation of it in mostly purple (I'll post a picture of it very soon on here), and I plan on taking that out to the flats in the next week or so to test out on some tarpon.

The video below will show you how to construct the fly as well as a few little tying techniques that I have found very useful with this and other flies.

Here is a list of the items and alternative items that are used in tying the Snowy Minnow fly:


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