Our Story

Our story starts like many other small businesses... with an idea and a dream.  

In the early spring time of 2012, Bob, James and Ryan, all were talking about fly fishing after lunch one Sunday afternoon; Bob then spoke up and said, "Wouldn't it be great to start our own fly shop... online?... It could be something for the family to do for years to come!".  Well both James and Ryan agreed whole-heartedly, and so the idea of Wilkinson Fly Fishing was born.  In June of 2012, we filed with the State of Florida as a business and began the process of building the company.

It was a slow start at first, because we all agreed from day one that we wanted to build this company fully debt free; and to this day, we have maintained that original idea and commitment.  From our initial investment of around $150 and only carrying a small selection of Whiting Farms Capes, to what you see now on the website and almost constant addition of new products, we know beyond a doubt, that the Lord has truly blessed us in this venture, and we are so excited to see what the future holds!

We do have plans to open a brick and mortar store front in Tallahassee, Florida at some point in the future, but we are still in the planning and budgeting phase for that project, and we will definitely be sure to keep all of you in the loop as that begins to take shape.

Thank you so much for your interest in Wilkinson Fly Fishing!  We look forward to being able to serve you in all of your fly tying and fly fishing needs.

Tight Lines,