Cheeky Sighter 350 Fly Reel

Cheeky Fishing

Line Weight: 4-5

Targeted Species: Trout, Bass

New Sighter Reels set the bar for versatility and value! How can one reel do so much? With a full cage frame design, the new Sighter is light enough for your standard weight rods, but is also at home with thin-line set ups and running lines found in popular Euro-nymph and switch/spey line configurations. With Cheeky's award-winning Rev Carbon Drag, this reel punches far above its weight class in the drag department. Plus, you can't find this kind of value and versatility for under $200 anywhere else. We are proud to add the all-new Sighter Fly Reels to the Cheeky lineup. 

The New Sighter 350 is your trout workhorse. With a dependable drag, a 3.5 inch diameter with that rich emerald color, the Sighter 350 is perfect for a standard 4 or 5 weight rod. The beefier 5.9-ounce full frame reel is perfect for Euro nymphing and trout spey since it balances well and keeps that thin running line in check.  

  • Award-winning Rev Carbon Drag System
  • Lightweight design
  • B2 Channel
  • Full Cage Design
  • Quick change spool
  • Simple L/R retrieve conversion
  • Silent retrieve

Specs & Backing: