Spirit River UV2 Bucktails

Spirit River UV2

These are quality North American buck tails and commonly used for all types of streamers. The double dye UV2 process on both natural and dyed makes these pop. Jimmy who owns Patrick's fly shop in the Seattle area tied a few Chartreuse/white Clouser minnows using the uv2 bucktail samples we sent him. On his way to work the next day he noticed a few fly anglers at the local beach. He dropped in ....and on a whim made a few casts with the new UV2 Clousers he just tied. (wondering if they worked.) He proceeded to hook or land a number of fish while standing next to many of his clients. His only response when asked..."why are you getting fish when we are throwing the same pattern". His response..."It's the UV2 factor". Now many of the knowledgeable guys fishing for 'Cutties' in the coves and bays in the Puget Sound have converted. Anything with a Bucktail, saddle or marabou may as well be with UV2. Saltwater guides at the shows feel there is a distinct advantage using patterns made with UV2 buck tails, specially on grey, overcast days. When it says UV2 we mean it is infused with our patent pending UVF and UVR. process. Read more about this or watch me talk you through it on You Tube. Here is a video or me tying a Clouser style minnow using our bucktails



Due to import/export restrictions between the United States and other countries around the world, we are unable to ship natural hairs, fibers and feathers to other countries outside of the United States. For more information, please visit our Shipping Info page.