Whiting Streamer Pack

Whiting Farms

Fly tiers have long been suggesting to us at Whiting Farms that something they really need are good quality feathers for such flies as Streamers and Deceiver patterns.  So in the genetic development of our American Hackle line of birds these feather needs were incorporated right from the very beginning.  The pelt which provides these streamer and deceiver type feathers is completely different than has ever been utilized before by the fly tiers.  In addition it has taken a number of years of development to get to the quality standard tiers expect from Whiting Farms.

These particular feathers are also some of the most broadly versatile we offer.  Following is just a partial list of all the types of flies and applications they can be utilized for:

  • Smaller streamers
  • Deceiver patterns
  • Dry fly tailing material
  • Tarpon flies
  • Eel flies
  • Salt worm flies
  • Skater flies
  • Matuka flies
  • Sculpin flies
  • Bass bugs
  • Panfish flies
  • Shrimp imitations

In addition these pelts are all washed and expertly dyed.  And they are available in an incredible array of natural and dyed colors, the same selections as our American Hackle product line, which is upwards of 60 colors.


Due to import/export restrictions between the United States and other countries around the world, we are unable to ship natural hairs, fibers and feathers to other countries outside of the United States. For more information, please visit our Shipping Info page.